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Our pumpkins were featured in a story in North Hawaii News on Tuesday last week. Pictured at top, Hawaii Green Earth’s Noah Dodd and Sam Robinson are shown with a giant, almost 300-pound pumpkin growing that they are growing at their farm in Lakeland. This will be one of the hundreds of hand-pollinated organic pumpkins that will be sold at the Waimea Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival this fall! Full story/credit: North Hawaii News, Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Introducing the 1st Annual Waimea Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival

If you are driving through Waimea, you may get a pastoral sense of the place with itʻs beautiful mountains, cool weather, rows of cabbages, strawberries, hillsides dotted with horses and cattle or a park-like setting – a prescription of just what the doctor ordered. As residents we love it too. However, this seemingly sleepy town is teeming with energy. It is like a dragonfly – lighting about industriously – almost imperceptible but very productive. The heartbeat of the town can be heard through the thundering of horses and cattle hooves. Feel the plowing of the earth beneath your feet as you walk and see the fine dust dancing in the air above the farmerʻs head. Experience the pelting of wind and rain on a rather sunshiny day. This seeming cacophony of combinations may include ATVs, “hogs” and 4 x 4s on any given day. Add a little interruption by an occasional and intrusive helicopter buzz above your head in your neighborhood and youʻve got a normal Waimea day. The people of Waimea are diverse in … More Introducing the 1st Annual Waimea Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival »